"Clit...A Timeline" - artist's book, 2017

Handmade accordion book with cloth-wrapped wood frame covers and LED detail. Interior includes embroidered detail on Japanese Hosho cotton paper and original stippled illustrations inspired by 19th century medical and surgical texts.
This book is the companion piece to "Clit...Wait There's More". It shows the many medical and scientific advancements made before the discovery of the full anatomy of the clitoris. A stitched red thread follows the timeline throughout:
1864 - germ theory; 1876 - the telephone; 1878 - the lightbulb; 1895 - the x-ray; 1928 - penicillin; 1953 - DNA; 1960 - oral contraceptives; 1967 - home pregnancy test; 1969 - moon landing; 1996 - mammal cloning; 1998 - clitoral anatomy.
**This piece has been selected for a juried exhibition by the College Book Arts Association. The show, "Rising Together," will travel to several locations throughout the United States from 2018-2021.**
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